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Posted by on Dec 13, 2009 in German Visas

German Fiancee Visa

Visa for Marriage in Germany

If your sweetheart is a German citizen and you plan to marry in Germany, you have to secure a fiancé/e visa or what the German government refer to as a “Visa for Marriage in Germany.” Setting an appointment with the German Embassy in the Philippines is very easy. For a simple and hassle-free schedule, you can contact the embassy’s call center and for a minimum fee, the operator will immediately schedule you for an appointment. However, should the applicant decide to secure the appointment by himself, and free of charge, he can appear personally at the German Embassy and secure the appointment by himself. This option is permitted only every Wednesdays and Thursdays, between 2:00 and 3:00 pm. In this case, the applicant is required to bring his passport.
Should the applicant decide to set the schedule via the call center, it would be a good idea to keep the fully-accomplished application and passport at hand while talking to the call center agent, as relevant information regarding the application may be required by the operator.

Basic Knowledge of the German Language (BKGL)

Under German immigration law, a non-German citizen who wants to go to Germany to marry the German sweetheart and who plans to live in the country permanently must undergo an exam referred to as the “Basic Knowledge of the German Language” or the BKGL.
The examination is taken by the foreigner to determine if he can conduct basic communication in the German language once he sets foot in Germany.
In order for an applicant to pass the exam, he must show that he understands and can use common everyday expressions, as well as simple sentences. For example, he must prove that he has knowledge of some short phrases which are commonly used by the people like asking for directions, asking for items in the grocery, and the likes.

The applicant should know how to introduce himself to other citizens and answer simple and general questions like where he lives, etc. The applicant should likewise be able to write certain information such as his name, address, and other details.

Minimum Requirements

Duly accomplished application form
Valid passport
Birth certificate
Certificate of No Marriage
Death Certificate of Former Spouse (if applicable)
Certificate that the previous marriage had been dissolved (if applicable)
Proof of Basic Knowledge of the German Language (BKGL)

Must be authenticated

All Philippine-issued documents must be submitted to the German Embassy in the original form, and must be issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) on Security Paper. Authentication by the Department of Foreign Affairs is not necessary.

Just be honest

All potential applicants to be honest and straightforward in the accomplishment and filling up of their application, since Article 54 (6) of the Residence Act punishes applicants who lie with expulsion.
Under the said provision, “…a foreigner will as a rule, be expelled from Germany if he or she fails to reveal previous stay in Germany or other states, or furnishes false or incomplete information on key points regarding links with persons or organizations suspected of supporting terrorism, to the German diplomatic mission abroad…”