Is There A Visa For Same-Sex Couples?

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Majority of settlement visas such as the K1 visa and the Australian partner visa are created for heterosexual couples. In the UK, however, partners who are engaged in same-sex relationships are permitted to petition their loved ones and live permanently in the country. This can be performed via obtaining an unmarried partner visa. 

What is the unmarried partner visa?

Actually, this visa specifically caters to civil partners or couples who have been living as full-fledged husband and wife except that they are not bonded by marriage. Nevertheless, this likewise covers the entry of same-sex couples.

Same-Sex Marriage

Application procedures

The application procedures for the unmarried partners are the same as those of UK visas for settlement. The processing would take one (1) to two (2) months.

One of the conditions that they should satisfy is being together for 2 years. If they have been apart, the separation should be on a temporary basis only. Likewise, there should be compelling reasons behind the separation. Take for example; one has to be away due to work-related issues.

Same sex couples must likewise prove that they have genuine intention to live permanently in the UK. The partnership should not be used as an excuse to easily enter the country or evade immigration policies. Likewise, the sponsor must demonstrate his or her capabilities in  supporting his partner’s expenses and accommodation. They cannot rely on public funds for immediate assistance.

Lastly, the visa requires the applicant to pass a language exam. If approved, the visa holder still needs to satisfy the 2-year probationary period again before becoming a permanent resident. However, this condition can be waived.


The unmarried partner visa grants residency rights to applicants who have been in a relationship for four (4) years and living outside the UK. In addition, they must fully demonstrate that they have authentic intentions of settling in the said country and that they have enough knowledge of UK life.

Other considerations

UK visa applications have no interviews. The decisions are mainly based on the documents presented. Thus, strict compliance should be readily observed and practiced.



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